February 2019 News Roundup

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UrtXTCh_lE[/embedyt] eXtension’s Impact Collaborative can bring its Innovation Skill-Building Experience to your state or institution. We work with our members on designing an event contextualized for their needs and focused on their goals. Learn more about our State and Institutional Events here.  Upcoming Member Events Impact Collaborative Summit, April 2019:  We are pleased to announce […]

News Roundup – September 2018

Registration for the Impact Collaborative Summit has closed and we are excited about the level of participation! This News Roundup also includes another Impact Collaborative success story, information about the latest issue of the Journal of Extension, and our January 2019 Facilitator Training. September 2018 Roundup Journal of Extension – The Innovation Issue. eXtension was proud […]

News Roundup – August 2018

There are lots of things going on at eXtension this month! Registration is happening for the Impact Collaborative Summit! We also have some general information pertaining to the January 2019 Impact Collaborative Facilitator Training. A new success story from the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program, and news about the 1890 Extension Leadership Academy! Did you miss […]

News Roundup – July 2018

Another exciting month at eXtension. The Impact Collaborative trained 29 new Facilitators from 22 Premium Member Institutions to take the Impact Collaborative Process back to their institutions and help get innovative ideas for projects and programs moving forward. We are scheduling Designathon One events and Innovation Kit Workshops at Premium Member Institutions, a job opportunity […]