This work is supported by funding from a cooperative agreement with USDA-NIFA and in partnership with Oklahoma State University, New Technologies for Ag Extension, grant no 2020-41595-30123.

What is ExtensionBot?

ExtensionBot is a chatbot that is built and deployed by the Extension Foundation. We are working closely with Eduworks Corporation on the development and deployment of the technology. ExtensionBot is backed by an LLM (Large Language Model) that is trained exclusively on data provided by Cooperative Extension institutions and Ask Extension.

Our larger goal is to build an LLM that is trained on Extension Resources from across the Cooperative Extension service. Each new institution or contributing member strengthens the LLM. In addition to asking institutions to create data dumps, we are asking they create a “data pipeline” for their data. This is an API endpoint that is updated on a regular basis so our LLM is consistently being updated.

Contributing Institutions

Below is a list of current contributing institutions along with the number of resources that have been provided.

  • Oklahoma State University (1540)
  • Oregon State University (5203)
  • Ask Extension Knowledgebase (313,443)


Extension Foundation AI Advisory Board

This board will consist of members of the Extension Foundation and participating institutions. This board will help guild policy, feature development and implementation of AI tools such as ExtenstionBot. Additionally, this group can help guide the future of AI within the broader Cooperative Extension Service.

ExtensionBot Data Specification

If you would like to have your own instance of ExtensionBot that is custom trained on your institution’s data here is the spec you want to follow. Be sure to use the validator to check your content before sharing it with us. Contact Mark Locklear for more information. Also, you can view our information session HERE.

ExtensionBot Configuration

More info HERE

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