Our Purpose & Values: 

We help Cooperative Extension professionals find innovative ways to generate greater local impact.

We achieve this through our nationally funded programs made possible by member dollars and cooperative agreements with federal agencies, and through partnering on state, regional, and national initiatives with Cooperative Extension and the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP). We serve all Land Grant Universities, regardless of membership status.

Community Engagement We believe community engagement is critical for achieving transformational change, sustainable outcomes, processes, partnerships, and shared decision-making;
Continuous Learning We recognize today’s pace of change requires continuous learning and adaptation characterized by eagerness to engage with multiple perspectives, courage to explore challenges and the unknown, and a focus on transformational change. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to fostering inclusive work where diversity of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living are welcomed and leveraged for growth, new knowledge, and community vitality;
Equity We are committed to advancing equity in our society and systems, beginning with the social and education sectors in which we operate;  
Innovation We believe innovation is the call to the future and a central capability for maximizing opportunities for making impact in the 21st century;
Integrity We believe working honestly, ethically, and responsibly is the bedrock and basis of excellence in Extension Foundation’s work;
Partnering As partners, we are committed to our member, partner, and their community’s successes – we focus on open communication, anticipating needs and opportunities, and cultivating innovative solutions;
Transformation We are future focused and align, integrate, and communicate strategies and actions that result in transformation not just transference of information; and
Servant Leadership We are committed to serving the common good by empowering others to grow, advancing expectations, linking individual and group successes and supporting efforts making impacts among our members, partners, and their communities.

Operating Principles

Our OPERATING PRINCIPLES guide how we engage the nation’s Extension professionals to help them become more productive and successful.
Communication and Trust Our culture of open communication strengthens our teamwork and accountability, builds trust, and supports our innovative approaches – we respect, listen, and value the opinions of our teams, partners, and members as a critical means for success;
Empower                 Innovation, sustainable solutions, and transformational change  is fostered in our culture of empowerment where people and groups have the freedom and responsibility to learn, experiment, test, fail, and take responsibility for actions;
Excellence and Quality We seek excellence and produce quality work by having a laser focus, innovative teams,  high levels of accountability, a rigor of continuous improvement, and continuously seek to gain experience and knowledge;
Gratitude Through gratitude, we discover powerful and positive ways to look at life, uplift progress, and contribute to positive change;
Open Management and Work Collectively, we all work to fulfill Extension Foundation’s mission and contribute to its success by engaging our teams as innovators and entrepreneurs who share information, progress, and outcomes, support co-creation and innovation, and operate with the agility and nimbleness to address what is emerging and move on it at the pace of change;
Outcome Focused We are driven by achieving results and measure success through multiple lenses;
Systems Approach We recognize all parts contribute to the whole and therefore, our work integrates system approaches within theories of change;