“Join Us on the Path”: New publication details online engagement hub project

The Extension Foundation has added a new title to its library. Join Us on the Path: The Engagement Hub was written by Catherine Leach and Pam Doherty of the University of New Hampshire (UNH). The case study details their teams’ efforts to develop The Engagement Hub, an innovative, personalized online hub for students, educators, alumni, […]

Ask Extension: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Extension Results of an initial landscape overview

Read the full report here. Summary U.S. Cooperative Extension provides useful, relevant, local, research-based, information to citizens throughout the country. Modern affordances like web searches, email, and instant messaging have built the expectation that information and services are available in real time and via the Internet–today’s primary source of information. The local, nuanced, time-sensitive information […]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Support Extension Services

By David Warren eXtension Artificial Intelligence Fellow Alexa, Siri, Google Search and other consumer-facing machine learning services have revolutionized the way that many people find answers to questions that occur in everyday life. With this thought in mind, eXtension is investigating how AI and machine learning tools could be applied to both improve access to […]

AI & Linked Open Data for Innovation in Extension

AI & Linked Open Data for Innovation in Extension Justin G. Smith Assistant Professor, Community & Economic Development Washington State University Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Two of the biggest topics in technology today are big data and artificial intelligence (machine learning and deep learning). Data is growing exponentially, and according to IDC, the digital […]