Water Saver: Oklahoma Master Irrigator Program

Publication Description

In Oklahoma, recent droughts have significantly decreased water levels in lakes, reservoirs, and the Ogallala aquifer, putting pressure on farmers and communities that rely on agriculture for their livelihoods.

With water shortages likely to continue, Oklahoma farmers need innovative ways to manage irrigation and minimize risks to their fields and livestock. Inspired by a program developed by the North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, Extension specialists at Oklahoma State University created a Master Irrigator program to give farmers a fighting chance against these shortages. This publication documents this program.

Land-Grant Institution
Oklahoma State University

Sumit Sharma, sumit.sharma@okstate.edu, Oklahoma State University

Saleh Taghvaeian, saleh.taghvaeian@okstate.edu, Oklahoma State University

Publication Audience
Cooperative Extension
Publication Type
Process Publication
Publication Date
May 3, 2022

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