Tuskegee Public Dialogue team earns two awards at eXtension’s Impact Collaborative Summit

  For Immediate Release November 16th, 2018 Contact: Aaron Weibe, aaronweibe@extension.org Indianapolis, IN. A team from Tuskegee University participated in eXtension’s Impact Collaborative Summit from October 16th – 18th in Indianapolis, IN. The Summit united design thinkers from the Cooperative Extension System and partners from organizations confronting the most pressing challenges of our time to […]

News Roundup – October 2018

31 project teams representing 40 institutions across Cooperative Extension from around the nation joined us at the 2018 Impact Collaborative Summit in Indianapolis, IN this past month to develop, accelerate, and better inform their projects and programs with the help of the Impact Collaborative, our Key Informants, and external partner/supporting organizations. October 2018 Roundup Important Announcement regarding […]

Changes to eXtension Membership – October 2018

10/26/2018 For Immediate Release Contact: Aaron Weibe, aaronweibe@eXtension.org We have two major announcements regarding eXtension membership: 1. We have revamped our membership structure. There will no longer be two separate levels of membership. No more Premium and Basic members. There will only be one level of membership.  To help make this possible, a key decision was made to approve […]

eXtension Request for Information

We invite you to respond to the Request for Information found below, due November 5th, 2018.  The eXtension Foundation is exploring new ways to leverage the existing digital assets of its members and to shape new programs for national scale, local impact, and new revenue. We are reviewing our digital strategy and partnerships in support of our […]

News Roundup – September 2018

Registration for the Impact Collaborative Summit has closed and we are excited about the level of participation! This News Roundup also includes another Impact Collaborative success story, information about the latest issue of the Journal of Extension, and our January 2019 Facilitator Training. September 2018 Roundup Journal of Extension – The Innovation Issue. eXtension was proud […]

Journal of Extension: The Innovation Issue, September 2018 made possible by support from eXtension Foundation

For Immediate Release September 13th, 2018 Contact Aaron Weibe Communications & Engagement Manager, eXtension aaronweibe@extension.org This Journal of Extension (JOE) special edition explores innovative applications in technology, case studies of road-tested breakthroughs in effective volunteer management, new methods for needs assessment, new business models for sustainable programming, new or adapted program delivery methods, mobile learning […]

eXtension Foundation and National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program (PSEFMP) Funding Opportunity

The eXtension Foundation (EF) is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for Land Grant University Pesticide Safety Education Programs (PSEP) for 2019. This opportunity is made available through a cooperative agreement (#X8-83698001) with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish and administer a national sub-award program in support of pesticide applicator education, and training for […]

News Roundup – August 2018

There are lots of things going on at eXtension this month! Registration is happening for the Impact Collaborative Summit! We also have some general information pertaining to the January 2019 Impact Collaborative Facilitator Training. A new success story from the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Management Program, and news about the 1890 Extension Leadership Academy! Did you miss […]

Registration for the Impact Collaborative Summit Is Now Open

The Impact Collaborative is hosting its first national Impact Collaborative Summit in Indianapolis, IN from October 16-18, 2018. All member institutions are invited to send teams to the event. Registration information will be available shortly and a link will be placed under the Links section below. The deadline for registration is September 20, 2018. Cost […]

News Roundup – July 2018

Another exciting month at eXtension. The Impact Collaborative trained 29 new Facilitators from 22 Premium Member Institutions to take the Impact Collaborative Process back to their institutions and help get innovative ideas for projects and programs moving forward. We are scheduling Designathon One events and Innovation Kit Workshops at Premium Member Institutions, a job opportunity […]