We’re Hiring! Review Panel Coordinator

The Extension Foundation is seeking a Grants Application and Review Panel Coordinator. This position will coordinate and schedule Grant Review Committee meetings, grant review processes, prepare and distribute applications and reports to Grants Committee members, and/or oversee the online grant application process. This position will work closely with and report to Beverly Coberly,  Extension Foundation COO, to support the development of and coordination of processes for grant applications and their review. The position expectations will include:

  • Lead role in writing request for proposal (RFP) documents for various grant and funding opportunities, working with the Extension Foundation Team.
  • Develop and plan an application and review process for applications for grants relative to the needs of the specific grant.
  • Develop and implement grant information sessions/workshops for potential applicants.
  • Create a communications plan to share grant opportunities and timelines for potential grant applicants.
  • Coordinate the development of online applications for grants with the Extension Foundation team.
  • Develop application scoring rubrics for use by selection committees to assess grant applications through an objective scoring process.
  • Enlist the services of grant reviewers by developing a pool of reviewers that can be contracted to review grants.
  • Schedule grant review committee meetings.
  • Manage the grant reviewer pool for calendaring their participation to conduct application reviews and handling specific SOWs for their work.
  • Lead the overall process and facilitate the finalization of the scoring rubric and decision-making regarding grant applications.
  • Communicate with successful and unsuccessful grant applicants.
  • Anticipated volume annually is estimated to be 6-8 RFAs and panels.
  • Assist in the development of RFA/project toolkits for applicants.

Experiences required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree, plus 3 years of experience in leading and managing application panels.
  • Ability to work in a virtual environment.
  • Proficient in the use of Google docs, Zoom, Slack, Jotform, and Hubspot.
  • Experience in managing and leading selection panels and review processes.
  • Leading and managing overall grant processes.

This is a contract role. To apply for this position, please submit your application by October 7, 2022 for consideration.

To apply click here: https://registry.extension.org/222645186416862