A Template for Better Health: New publication details Diabetes Prevention Online Toolkit

The Extension Foundation has added a new title to its library. A Template for Better Health: Diabetes Prevention Program Toolkit was written by Vanessa da Silva, an assistant professor and Extension specialist at the University of Arizona and an NTAE Fellow.  

The publication details the process undertaken by a national team of Extension experts to create an online hub to encourage and support Extension’s adoption of the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). The toolkit is a critical part of Extension’s response to a growing public health crisis. One in 10 people in the US lives with diabetes, the seventh leading cause of premature death in the country. It’s estimated that nearly 100 million American adults have prediabetes.

The team developing the toolkit includes da Silva, Sogrhra Jarvandi (University of Tennessee), Jennifer Brown (North Carolina State University), Zena Edwards (Washington State University), Carlin Rafie (University of Vermont), and Alison Berg (University of Georgia). 

This team is one of several NTAE teams working on digital hubs, toolkits, and dashboards. 

 “Digital hubs and toolkits have become increasingly popular, effective conduits for valuable, research-based content that can make a measurable difference for Extension’s target audiences. The DPP toolkit is still a work in progress, and the team looks forward to getting peer feedback that will help enhance and expand this important resource.” – Vanessa da Silva

Those interested in Extension’s growing role in public health and the organization’s increasing use of digital dashboards and technological innovation in outreach and education will find this publication helpful in their work. 

The project is supported by a grant from the New Technologies in Agricultural Extension (NTAE) program. The team was assisted in their work by the Extension Foundation. 

The Extension Foundation has recently added new titles to its library. Topics include creating digital dashboards and resource hubs, Indigenous food sovereignty, DEI, mass media campaigns, game-based education, innovating curriculum, prescribed fire, emergency preparation and response, understanding food labels, and building resilience of farm and farm families. You can find the entire library of publications here.

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