Results from the July 2020 Farm Journal Story Lead Contest

In May, the eXtension Foundation launched a monthly story lead contest in partnership with Farm Journal in the Farm Journal Monthly Story Lead Contest subgroup here in Connect Extension. Monthly winners, along with their Extension Directors and Administrators, have the chance to work with Farm Journal to further develop their story and have it published in Farm Journal media. The topic area for the July 2020 contest was about how Extension is empowering farmers to maximize their use of data, equipment, and precision technology – especially as it relates to farm profitability, environmental impact, or innovation. We’d like to thank everyone that submitted a story lead for July 2020.

@Jason de Koff, Associate Professor & Extension Specialist, Tennessee State University submitted the winning story lead, Bringing Drone Technology Training to Tennessee Farmers.

Summary: In 2020, the Tennessee State University Cooperative Extension Program, led by Jason de Koff, engaged in multiple workshops across the state, working with over 140 farmers, to provide hands-on experiences in flying drones as well as instruction on the different uses, types of drones, and costs.  After the workshops, 98% of farmers indicated their knowledge of drones increased, 63% believed drones were not as difficult to fly as they had thought, and over 50% indicated an increase in their likelihood of purchasing a drone and getting their remote pilot certification in the next two years.

Congrats to Jason and Tennessee State University! We look forward to seeing the story published in Farm Journal.

August 2020 Contest

The August 2020 Story Lead Contest has been posted and is due on Friday, August 28th. For August 2020, Farm Journal would like to hear from you about an innovative research project, on-farm trial or farmer engagement program you or Extension is leading to help farmers measure, analyze and improve their soil health.  Learn More here