Registration for the Impact Collaborative Summit, April 30th – May 2nd 2019, is open

Registration for the first of two national Impact Collaborative Summits in 2019, from April 30th – May 2nd, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, is open. The registration deadline is April 7th, 2019.

Per member benefit, we offer five free registrations for you to send a project or program team to the Summit. Additional teams or team members are welcome to join with a registration fee.

With the first Summit behind us, we’ve used that experience to enhance and improve our future events. The upcoming Summit has been designed to catalyze project and program teams in the various stages of their planning and implementation process. This includes individualized support to help propel your team through its journey towards launching its project or program.

What’s different about this Impact Collaborative Summit compared to the previous Summit?

At the Summit, teams will have tools and resources available to them, customized to their individual needs, to answer the critical questions about their projects and program. To help your teams with their unique needs, they will each be assigned their own coach to help troubleshoot and maximize available resources at the event  to move their teams forward. Rather than work with project and program teams as a whole, we will be providing your teams an individualized, custom experience, tailored to their needs.

What are your teams going to bring back from the Summit?

Prior to the Summit, we will work to match teams with potential partners that will be joining us. Your teams will bring back a project or program that is more fully thought out, potential partnership opportunities, and having additional tools, resources, and techniques to further their engagement. Our goal is for teams to return to you with increased project or program innovation, stronger planning, and develop a foundation for partnerships that bring new capacities.

While they continue their work beyond the Summit, we will connect with teams through our new engagement platform – Engage & Empower Online – to continue to help propel them towards implementation. When we connect with them again at the next Impact Collaborative Summit, they will be in a different stage of their journey and we will be able to help connect them with the tools, resources, and partners they need to continue their growth.

What if the team you are sending has already been to an Impact Collaborative Summit?

Even if a team has come to an Impact Collaborative Summit or local event, it will be a very different experience for them because their project or program will be at a different stage of their evolution. This will require different tools, resources, and partnership engagement. The Impact Collaborative Summit is designed to work with teams at any stage of their project or program development to help increase their project or program innovation, strengthen their planning, and introduce them to new capacities.

What were the results of the previous Impact Collaborative Summit?

If you’d like to know more about the results from the October 2018 Summit, please click here.

Registration Process for Teams:

  1. Identify a team leader

  2. Each team member needs to visit to register.

  3. Choose Impact Collaborative Summit Registration

  4. Above that option, it says “Enter Promo Code.” (If you are registering as an additional team or team member beyond the five free registrations, do not enter the promo code and proceed to step 6).

  5. Click that and enter the promo code provided to your Director or Administrator if you are selected to receive one of the five free registrations.

  6. In addition to registering individually, team leaders must also fill out this questionnaire  in order to have a completed team registration.

Hotel Booking

Please visit this link to book a  hotel room.


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