Leadership and Team Development

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” -African proverb

If you are experiencing friction, confusion and underperformance on your team or in your work we can help. Friction can fade with greater understanding of yourself and others. Confusion can fade with clarity of communication. Underperformance can fade as you find personal and professional core value alignment.

We are currently coaching institutions in the New Technologies for Ag Extension and EXCITE grants, the 1890 Extension Leadership Academy and our members across the country. Let us help you go farther faster!

What Are People Saying?

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This was a wonderful training! Truly one of the best trainings that I have ever attended. Karl did a wonderful job of engaging with the participants and making every section relatable.
Extension Professional
1890 Extension Leadership Academy
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Over our 6-month cohort I learned “how important it is for the team to know, trust and understand each other. Also, I believe this training will be instrumental for improving all extension staff nation wide.”
Extension Educator
1890 Extension Leadership Academy
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Our team changed by understanding each other’s ideas. We became stronger in trust, confidence and productivity. We became more open with one another!

2023 Events for Members

All events for members are available on the Extension Foundation Member Calendar on Connect Extension. 

Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue. Backed by 30 years of social science, Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue represents the standard in effective communication and the marker of high-performance individuals & organizations. The course teaches 9 powerful skills for working through disagreement to achieve better results.

Influencer Training. The new science of leadership. Grounded in 50 years of social science research, Influencer Training® goes beyond corporate perks and charismatic personalities to teach a method for changing ingrained human behavior.

Diffusion of Innovations. Based on Everett Rogers & later Geoffrey Moore’s work, discover how we all show up for what we believe in!

Diffuse the Drama. Three things happen naturally in organizations; friction, confusion & underperformance. Learn how to get away from Victim, Villain, Hero & evolve into Coach, Creator, Challenger!

Busy is a Choice Learn the secret to concentration is elimination!

Personal Leadership Bootcamp. New in 2022, this 3-part series invites individuals to really get to know yourself, choose a path and take action with the power of your personal leadership philosophy!

From “me” to “we”. Values – Discover the value of your values. Trust – Discover how to show you’re trustworthy. Teamwork – Discover the 5 aspects of highly effective teams.

- Karl Bradley -

Leadership Development Specialist


“Leadership comes down to two things: realizing it’s not about you…and it’s all about you. It’s about how you’re serving others and how your behaviors provide the evidence of your authentic intentions.”

Joining the Extension Foundation in 2020, Karl currently serves the New Technologies in Ag Extension teams, assists with the 1890 Extension Leadership Academy and serves on the EXCITE Program team as Leadership Development Specialist. He also supports the Impact Collaborative and leads the Alumni Leadership Network of 70 former Fellows. He brings expertise in leadership development, team building, public speaking, strategic thinking and community engagement to serve the Cooperative Extension system.

Available for Extension Foundation Members

From Me to We: Workshops on Values, Trust, & Teamwork

Join us for in-depth work on what it means to lean into the best version of yourself, how we build trust & the effects it has on a team!

BEST FOR:  People or organizations wanting to emphasize the importance of personal growth from individual contributor to getting work accomplished WITH others.

Where Values Collide, People Divide!

Ever wonder how ideas spread? Where we sit on this scale depends on the “thing” or idea & our values. 250,000 people showed up for Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. How many people would have shown up if he’d given a “I have a plan” speech?

BEST FOR:  People or organizations wanting to have a meaningful awareness around the pace of idea adoption & the impact of behavioral change.

High Impact Speaking

Whether you need support for your conference or team – we can blend your thought leadership needs to help support growth with actionable content.