New eFieldbook Available! Resilient Agriculture: Weather Ready Farms

As part of eXtension’s New Technologies for Agricultural Extension (NTAE) Year 1 Cooperative Agreement with USDA-NIFA, the eXtension Foundation selected a Nebraska Extension program called Weather Ready Farms to participate in our program accelerator, receiving several wrap-around services from the eXtension Foundation to help with faster implementation and impact. One component of eXtension’s wrap-around services is the creation of a peer-reviewed eFieldbook about this project and a model to provide to Cooperative Extension. 

The Resilient Agriculture: Weather Ready Farms eFieldbook is an online, interactive guide created to help the agricultural industry become more resilient to weather extremes, climate variability and climate change. It is based on the Weather Ready Farms model developed by Nebraska Extension. The focus is primarily on field crop farms and producers in the Great Plains and Midwest regions of the United States. Many of the concepts and discussions within this fieldbook can be utilized and adapted for other regions and agricultural operations.

This eFieldbook, along with others, can be found at Additionally, eFieldbooks can be found in the main navigation on Connect Extension.

Publication authors:

  • Martha Shulski, Applied Climatologist, State Climatologist, Director, Nebraska State Climate Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Hans Schmitz, County Extension Director, Purdue University
  • Tyler Williams, Production Research Scientist, Bayer Crop Science. Former Extension Educator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • Ashley Mueller, Disaster Education Coordinator, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Dannele Peck, Director, USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub
  • Dennis Todey, Director, Midwest Climate Hub
  • Natalie Umphlett, Regional Climatologist, High Plains Regional Climate Center

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