Using Digital Technology in Extension Education

Publication Description

This publication originally appeared as a website with curated and original content contributed by Extension professionals from around the country. The emergence of COVID-19 has required Cooperative Extension professionals to respond quickly to quickly changing needs. This publication provides timely content that we hope will help Cooperative Extension professionals consider the role of digital communications in our work, and perhaps increase our adoption of technology. The information in the publication provides both food for thought in perspective pieces, and practical information about specific social media platforms, SEO, and content strategy that will enable the reader to apply what they’ve learned and to take action.

Land-Grant Institution
Extension Foundation, Fort Valley State University, Oregon State University, University of California

Rose Hayden-Smith,, University of California ANR

Greg Aronoff, Oregon State University

John Buzzard, Oregon State University

Lindsey Shirley, Oregon State University

David J. Krause, Driscoll’s Berries

Mark Lubell, UC Davis

Dan Macon, University of California ANR

Aaron Weibe, Extension Foundation

ChaNae Bradley, Fort Valley State University

Cynthia Kintigh, University of California ANR

Liz Sizensky, University of California ANR

Victor Villegas, Oregon State University

Publication Audience
Cooperative Extension
Publication Type
Content Publication
Publication Date
September 18, 2020

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