NTAE: Seguridad de Pesticidas Feature Story

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has offered the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) to Nebraska farmers since 1993. In 2020, it created an online, asynchronous version of the course and applied for NTAE funding to translate it into Spanish, to better reach Latinx farmers. This publication discusses the growing need for pesticide safety instruction among Spanish-speaking farmers and what PSEP educators hope to accomplish with this audience.

The publication is excerpted from the New Technologies for Ag Extension 2022-2023 Yearbook, which documents dozens of projects funded through the New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) program. NTAE is a cooperative agreement between USDA NIFA, Oklahoma State University, and the Extension Foundation. The goal of the New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) grant is to incubate, accelerate, and expand promising work that will increase the impact of the Cooperative Extension System (CES) in the communities it serves, and provide models that can be adopted or adapted by Extension teams across the nation.

Land-Grant Institution

University of Nebraska – Lincoln


Content Contributors:

Jennifer Weisbrod, jweisbrod2@unl.edu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Kezia Huseman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Luan Pereira de Oliveira, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Greg Puckett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Linda Reddish, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Vicki Schroeder, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Cooperative Extension
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Publication Date
October 6th, 2023

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