Engaging Communities Through Issues Forums: A How-To Guide for Onsite and Online Community Engagement

Publication Description

This publication is part of a two-part series. The publication explores the use of forums as a community engagement tool in Extension work. It is a comprehensive how-to guide designed to help Cooperative Extension professionals develop issues forums in both onsite and online settings.

Land-Grant Institution
The Ohio State University Extension, University of Delaware, University of Maryland

Bonnie Braun ,bbraun@umd.edu, University of Maryland

Maria Pippidis, pippidis@udel.edu, University of Delaware

Jesse M. Ketterman, jketterm@umd.edu, University of Maryland

Shoshanah Inwood, inwood.2@osu.edu, The Ohio State University

Nicole Wright, wright.1128@osu.edu, The Ohio State University

Publication Audience
Cooperative Extension
Publication Type
Process Publication
Publication Date
March 7, 2022

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