New! Workforce Development Fellowship

The Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP) Workforce Development Program Action Team (PAT), In partnership with the Extension Foundation, seeks a Fellow who is passionate about building the foundations for future workforce development programs and initiatives nationwide. The Fellow will build capacity and expand the portfolio of the Cooperative Extension System’s work in workforce and economic development, bringing a lens of expertise to help align and move Cooperative Extension forward in both leadership, awareness, and sustainability. The Fellow will work as a team member in coordination with the ECOP PAT leadership, Partnership and Development Coordinator, and the Workforce Catalyst.

The Workforce PAT is seeking a Workforce Development Fellow to: 

  • Support strategic planning
  • Participate in high-level partnership and stakeholder collaboration with ECOP and Extension Foundation
  • Lead event planning/Task management
  • Grow and maintain a national registry of workforce programs using the National Extension Registry of Programs and Assets
  • Coordinate grant writing including the LOI submissions for Planning Grants and CAP grants, etc. 
  • Supporting system-wide communication and coordination with ECOP and the Extension Foundation (for example, writing announcements and updates)
  • Administration: scheduling meetings, taking notes, follow up on action items with both the PAT leader and PAT Catalyst.

The successful Fellow will demonstrate existing knowledge of workforce development and knowledge of Cooperative Extension, who is passionate about building the foundations for future programmatic efforts nationwide.  


  • Creation of a strategic work plan 
  • Submission and implementation of a NIFA Planning/Conference Grant
  • Development of a national network of Workforce leaders including establishing and maintaining a Connect Extension subgroup
  • Creation of a channel of communication and events to spotlight workforce program to increase Extension’s visibility on a National Stage in Workforce Development
  • Document the model of the Workforce PAT for the ECOP Program Committee

Special short term projects: 

  • Research and identify industry clusters to prioritize in each state or region. For example, five Southwestern US states account for more than 30% of the country’s manufacturing jobs. Our committee could identify which industries are most prevalent in each US region, and recommend programs focused on creating job opportunities in those specific industries.
  • Research and identify workforce development policies.

Time Period and Funding

Support for this fellowship is a flat $25K for a period of 12 months beginning October 1, 2021. A commitment of approximately 20% of time or more is proposed, not to exceed 25K. Extension Foundation will serve as a one-stop-shop for support of the Fellow; from recruitment, hiring, and training to technical support, connecting with potential resources. 

To apply for the Fellowship please submit a cover letter and resume here: