New Technologies for Ag Extension (NTAE) Year 3 Application Workshop

NTAE acceleration projects are selected to align with the USDA Strategic Plan and are early stage (have goals, expected impacts, some project start up activities) and have high potential for impact.  Selected projects will receive support from a catalyst team to advise and mentor projects and support from Key Informants who will work with the team to increase skills and capacities in leadership, partnership, marketing and communications, publishing and digital engagement, evaluation, professional development and project management.

Projects with these types of support are able to accelerate their project’s targeted impact, scope, digital presence and provide excellent training for CES professionals.  Projects not selected for Year 3 projects will have an opportunity to debrief their applications with the review team.

The purpose of this workshop is to help teams create informed, strong, viable NTAE project proposals for the NTAE Year 3 funding cycle.

In this workshop, teams will:

  • Learn about project selection criteria and specific application components.
  • Receive hands-on application development time in addition to instructions and tips,
  • Learn next steps for completing your application.

Registration Information:

  • All team members should attend together.
  • All team members need to register individually, and under the same Team/Project Name.
  • All project teams planning on applying for NTAE Year 3 are strongly encouraged to participate.

Teams Should Come with the Following Information About Their Proposed Project:

  • Targeted audience
  • A current project that is ready for acceleration and growth
  • Be ready to work collaboratively using an application template (Join the Workshop using a computer with video, not phone).

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