Extension.org Email Aliases to be Retired

This message is a call to all those using an extension.org email address. As a reminder, everyone who ever created an “eXtension ID” was issued an address such as name@extension.org. Many of you may be using your @extension.org email address as a simple alias or forwarding address. If you are using your extension.org email address in that manner, then you should know that on July 1, 2021, that email redirection will cease because we are retiring the legacy application that manages these aliases. 

What You Can Do

It is important that you check and update your email signature blocks, your reply-to addresses, logins on third party sites, or any other communications and publications to be sure you are no longer using such addresses.

In some cases, there may be very logical reasons why you would want or need to retain this address and use it for an actual email box: 

  • You may represent a working group of some sort that needs an address representing the group and not an individual within the group. 
  • Or, your use of the extension.org email address is so embedded in your history that you would find it difficult to remove.  
  • Or, you are working on a project for the Extension Foundation where you really need to hold yourself out as being a representative of the Foundation.

If you feel it important that you retain this address, then please let us know by email to contact-us@extension.org.  We can accommodate those needs on a case by case basis. Just let us know your needs.

What this Means

The People (people.extension.org) application will be decommissioned (taken offline) on July 1, 2021. This is because the legacy tools this technology once supported have also been decommissioned over the past few years in favor of upgraded tools that do not require eXtension IDs.

Connect Extension (https://connect.extension.org) has provided greatly enhanced capability for bringing together networks, but uses its own authentication system. The new Ask Extension platform (ask2.extension.org) also does not require an eXtension ID.

Questions or Concerns?

Please reach out to the Extension Foundation Solutions Team at contact-us@extension.org.