Extension Foundation Pilots a National Registry of Cooperative Extension Programs and Assets (NRCEPA)

Responding to specific requests in regional meetings and through various projects including EXCITE, the Extension Foundation has developed a tool using commercial solutions to create a National Registry of Cooperative Extension Programs and Assets (NRCEPA). This tool will enable Cooperative Extension professionals to register their projects, programs, or curriculum for nationwide collaboration among Cooperative Extension colleagues. The intent of this tool is to enable Extension professionals to rapidly find other like-programming efforts across the system to reduce duplication of work, and help speed up access to digital assets that would be useful to the development of new programs.

When registering a project, program, or curriculum, users are invited to upload any digital assets they feel may be helpful to their peers nationally. This includes evaluation tools, images, videos, text for campaigns, and more. 

The NRCEPA received input from a number of individuals and organizations across Cooperative Extension including the ECOP Health Innovation Task Force, and NUEL. The NRCEPA is currently being piloted with the Extension Collaborative on Immunization Teaching & Engagement (EXCITE) and is expected to roll out for broader use across Cooperative Extension in summer 2021. For information on the EXCITE program, please visit extension.org/immunization.