New eFieldbook Available! Using Radio & Digital Advertising for Extension Campaigns

As part of eXtension’s New Technologies for Agricultural Extension (NTAE) Cooperative Agreement with USDA-NIFA, the eXtension Foundation selected the National Pesticide Safety Education Center (NPSEC) in partnership with Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension to pilot a mass media campaign using radio and digital advertising to promote pollinator protection messages to the public. The results and method is published in this new eFieldbook.

Using this eFieldbook, Cooperative Extension professionals can learn more about how they can replicate a similar model for their Extension programs. Topics of this eFieldbook include:

  • Narrowing the Audience – Characterizing Millennials, Reaching the Audience, Creating the Campaign
  • Collaboration Team Demographic Diversity, the Speed of Changes, and Strategic Plan Alignment
  • Campaign Outcomes – Metrics, Behavior Change, and Future Campaigns

NPSEC researched how to tap Millennials—a large segment of the intended audience—with the help of several research resources, including the advertising and marketing students from the University of Missouri School of Journalism’s Adzou program, a capstone course in the university’s School of Journalism. Additionally, NPSEC created a network of media partners for both digital and radio advertising to make this possible. In the spring of 2020, Prairie View A&M University’s Cooperative Extension Program in Prairie View, Texas, became the Extension partner, as they were interested in new ways to reach large audiences. The mass media campaign was then focused on driving the public to Extension resources created in partnership with Prairie View A&M University regarding pollinator stewardship.


Key campaign metrics of the work of NPSEC, Prairie View A&M Cooperative Extension, and their media partners includes:

  • Over the six weeks, radio messaging through the Texas State Network (which broadcasts across the state) reached 21,411,900 people.
  • Over the six weeks, radio messaging through the Gow Media network (which focuses on the Houston area) reached 1,270,500 people.
  • Banner ads displayed through Learfield IMG on college sports websites generated 1,181 total clicks. People saw the banner ad and clicked through to


  • Kara Maddox, Creative Director, Communications, National Pesticide Safety Education Center
  • Tom Smith, Executive Director, National Pesticide Safety Education Center
  • Courtney Weatherbee, Executive Assistant, National Pesticide Safety Education Center


  • Nathan Hermond, Lead Entomologist on the Pollinator Stewardship Pilot, Prairie View A&M University
  • Dr. Carolyn Williams, Executive Associate Director for Extension, Prairie View A&M University
  • Dr. Clarence Bunch, Cooperative Extension Program Leader, Prairie View A&M University

Media Team

  • Herb Hoffman, President, Blackhawk Audio
  • Adam Winters, President, Explore.US and Land.US
  • Juan Rivas Caban, Senior Vice President, Explore.US and Land.US
  • Graham McKernan, CMO, Gow Media
  • Eddie Quagliariello, Learfield IMG Associate
  • Rachel Conrad, Senior Account Executive, Culture Map
  • Braden Kobeski, University of Missouri Adzou Graduate
  • Erica Overfelt, University of Missouri Adzou Graduate

The Mass Media: Sustaining Pollinators eFieldbook is available on the eFieldbook bookshelf at, or can be found on the main navigation in Connect Extension at

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