eXtension Launches Engage & Empower Online

For Immediate Release
April 25th, 2019
Contact: Aaron Weibe, aaronweibe@eXtension.org

eXtension’s Impact Collaborative has launched a new resource, Engage & Empower Online (EEO), to support collaborative efforts for Extension professionals that are part of Impact Collaborative project and program teams, and Innovation Facilitators. It is available in both web browser and mobile app versions.

EEO offers Impact Collaborative teams and Innovation Facilitators unique professional development opportunities including webinars and learning circles, access to a new online version of the Impact Collaborative Innovation Skill-Building Experience tool, and a place where the Impact Collaborative can continue to connect teams with the resources they may need to continue project or program growth towards increasing innovation and local impact.

Additionally, EEO users have exclusive access to publications and presentations such as research-based perspectives, global expertise, signals of change, and specialized data to help organizations transform urgent foresight into actionable insight from the Institute for the Future’s – Future 50.

One key feature of EEO enables teams to work collaboratively through a Groups feature, transcend the limitations of email communication, and ensure communication across geographically-dispersed teams continue beyond face-to-face Impact Collaborative events. Unlike previous models, such as Communities of Practice, EEO Groups are a place to continue incubation of a project or program beyond face-to-face events and connect with resources needed to help fill gaps in program and project planning while tapping into eXtension’s broad network of Innovation Facilitators, Key Informants, and Partners.

During today’s launch of EEO, 30 Impact Collaborative project and program teams and over 100 Innovation Facilitators have been given access.

To become an Impact Collaborative Project or Program Team and access Engage & Empower Online, members can send their project and program teams to the Impact Collaborative Summit which is held every April and October. Each member receives five free registrations to send a team to each Summit. To learn more about the Impact Collaborative Summit and registration, click here.

Additionally, members can host a Statewide or Institution-Wide Innovation Skill-Building Experience where eXtension provides the Impact Collaborative staffing and support to work with your teams in your states or at your institutions. To learn more about hosting a Statewide or Institution-Wide Event, click here.

About the eXtension Foundation

eXtension’s mission is to increase Extension professionals’ effectiveness in addressing issues of importance to the nation. eXtension provides up-to-date science, evidence-based information and education to Extension professionals and the general public. We foster creativity and innovation in developing solutions and methods of work, and advancing the visible and measurable impact of this work for the public good. Learning opportunities to collaborate, co-learn and co-create are generated through our virtual network of more than 15,000 users system-wide.

About eXtension’s Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative is a professional development experience for Cooperative Extension professionals. It provides learning opportunities geared towards innovation while bringing strategic support and new capacity to the Cooperative Extension System.  These experiences are enhanced with the help of external partners and supporting organizations. Working together, we find new ways to generate visible and measurable local impact.