18 more Extension professionals join the Impact Collaborative as Innovation Facilitators

For Immediate Release
March 18, 2019
Contact: Aaron Weibe, aaronweibe@eXtension.org

Atlanta, GA. 18 Cooperative Extension professionals representing 14 institutions attended eXtension’s Impact Collaborative Innovation Facilitator Training in Atlanta, GA in March 2019. They completed initial learning and application of the Impact Collaborative methodology. Their skills help them lead innovation skill-building experiences at state or institutional events and at the national Impact Collaborative Summits. They join 41 other Impact Collaborative Innovation Facilitators representing 28 institutions that were trained in January 2019, and 53 others trained last year.

Directors & Administrators appoint individuals across Extension to be trained in the Impact Collaborative innovation skill-building methodology to work alongside their leadership teams to help bring more innovation to their projects and programs for increased impact. Upon completion of the training, eXtension will work directly with its trained Facilitators and institutional leadership teams to design a local event that helps project and program teams find innovative ways to advance local impact. Learn more about our State & Institutional events here.

Innovation Facilitators also participate in the national Impact Collaborative Summits to incubate project and program teams across the nation.  At these Summits, eXtension brings unique opportunities to create impactful results at the local level by increasing Cooperative Extension’s organizational readiness and capacity for innovation and change. The Impact Collaborative Summits connect Cooperative Extension professionals with skills, tools, resources and partners that can expand and deepen their impact in a continuing partnership with the Impact Collaborative. The next Impact Collaborative Summit is from April 30th to May 2nd, 2019, in Atlanta, GA; to learn more about the Summit, please click here.

Please find a complete listing of the newest Innovation Facilitators below, listed by institution:

University of Kentucky

Daniel Allen

Clemson University

Dawn Anticole White

The Ohio State University

Pamela Bennett

North Carolina State University

Douglas Clement

Cyndi Lauderdale

University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Lynn Devries

Amy Schmidt

Dagen Valentine

Southern University

Tiffany Franklin

University of New Hampshire

Charlie French

Jared Reynolds

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Conaway Haskins

University of Minnesota

Tammy McCulloch

Texas A&M University

Larry Pierce

Kansas State University

Wade Weber

Fort Valley State University

Cynthia Willis

Kentucky State University

Austin Wright

eXtension Foundation

Tira Adelman

To learn more about eXtension and the Impact Collaborative, please visit eXtension.org