Registration for the Impact Collaborative Summit Is Now Open

The Impact Collaborative is hosting its first national Impact Collaborative Summit in Indianapolis, IN from October 16-18, 2018. All member institutions are invited to send teams to the event. Registration information will be available shortly and a link will be placed under the Links section below. The deadline for registration is September 20, 2018.


For Premium Member Institutions, there is no registration fee for up to five members of the Designated Premium Member Team*Community partners are encouraged to attend as part of the team and can be included as a free attendee. For additional team members, the registration fee is $295 per person. Additional Premium Member Teams can attend the Summit with a registration fee of $295 per person.

For Basic Member Institutions, the registration fee is waived for three members of the Designated Basic Member Team*Community partners are encouraged to attend as part of the team and can be included as a free attendee.  Additional team members will have a registration fee of $395 per person. Additional Basic Member Teams can attend the Summit with a registration fee of $395 per person.

* A team wishing to represent their member institution as the Designated Member Team attending with free registration, as noted above, must coordinate this designation with their Extension Director or Administrator.

About the Summit

The Impact Collaborative Summit is a three-day event available to all member institutions that includes an Innovation Kit Workshop and Designathon Two. The event is hosted twice annually.

Day One: Innovation Kit Workshop
Day Two: Designathon Two (Part I)
Day Three: Designathon Two (Part II)

Institutions have the ability to send project teams to the Impact Collaborative Summit to work together on ideas to move their institutional goals forward.

Learning Outcomes

In addition to the networking opportunity that participants will gain from this Summit, they will also walk away with the knowledge and skills learned in the Innovation Kit Workshop and Designathon Two including:

  • A clear understanding of how teams might expand their membership and ownership of a respective project, program, or initiative.
  • A clear project roadmap to gain additional insights that is enabled by ongoing Impact Collaborative support.
  • Clarity of how to co-create in the community, showing what successful project implementation will look like.
  • A sense of readiness to confidently pitch their project story internally and to the world.
  • See themselves as members of new networks with connections and resources through ongoing engagement with the Impact Collaborative
  • Potential for new partnerships.
  • When participants leave the Summit, they should be ready to implement their projects or programs back at their institutions or in their communities.


This conference has a block of rooms at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport. You will be asked to reserve your room during the Summit registration process to obtain the discounted rate.  If you book directly through the hotel you will not receive the discounted rate.

Registration Tips:

  • Before the Team Registers identify a Team Name. Attendees will be coming to the Summit in teams. In order for us to coordinate this attendance please discuss and determine with your team members a Team Name you will use for registration purposes. This will assist us in coordinating your experience at the Summit. Tip: a short keyword driven Team Name is most appropriate and does not have to be the final title of your team idea. All Team members will need to know this precise name to provide during registration.
  • Hotel booking is part of your registration. Be prepared with a form of payment for your hotel booking at the time of registration, even if you are part of a Designated Member Team receiving complementary free registration. Note: The Summit consists of three full days, October 16-18, 2018.


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