What is Next for the Impact Collaborative and Designathon One?

The Impact Collaborative (IC) was created to foster innovative project ideas and accelerate their development toward implementation for local impact. One of the first IC activities was a series of Designathon One events. Now that the first wave of events is completed, what did we learn and what is next?

The IC Designathon One events were set up as regional workshops that lasted 2 ½ days. We received a lot of great feedback that indicated we were on the right path, and one theme was persistent in pre-workshop inquiries, in-workshop activities, and post-workshop evaluations. That was the need for additional local context and customized examples and activities suited for that context. As such, some of the original events were canceled in order to re-plan them around either state priorities or a focused regional initiative. The workshop was also redesigned to be a two-day event.

The IC process will continue with virtual professional development events and more Designathon workshops. The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service (CES) will be the first to host a redesigned IC Designathon One event. A Design Team made up of Kentucky CES educators was established to work closely with the IC Team to design an experience to meet the needs and goals of Kentucky. Their priorities are in addressing next steps for their Innovation Working Group and key initiatives across the state. This event will take place in late April at the Kenton County Extension Office in Northern Kentucky.

Designathon Two, virtual events, and another 10-12 Designathon One events are being planned and will move forward after the team concludes the Kentucky event and processes feedback and recommendations. To find out more about planned events or make a suggestion for an event location, contact Ashley Griffin at agriffin@extension.org.

The Impact Collaborative and its associated Designathon One events are open to extension professionals and their community partners at eXtension member institutions. We are still accepting new members for 2018! All inquiries about membership should be directed to Beverly Coberly at beverlycoberly@extension.org.

How does this affect applications for the Impact Collaborative?

We encourage everyone to submit their applications as soon as possible. Even if there is not a Designathon One event in your location, there will be opportunities to attend a Designathon One track as part of other upcoming events. By applying soon, you get to be a part of a community of innovative extension professionals and work toward solutions with key informants and others. The Program Fellows are planning virtual office hours and professional development events. Learn more about applying to the Impact Collaborative…