Southern Region i-Three Issue Corps Projects

Below are the i-Three Issue Corps projects that have members from the Southern Region. Learn more about each project by clicking on the project title.

Southern Region:

Auburn University Climate – Climate Literacy for Youth
Climate – EDEN: Competency-based online module “Farm and Ranch Premises Weather Security 101”
North Carolina State University Climate – Climate, Forest and Woodlands data-driven social media campaign
Food Systems – Data Sharing Facilitation and Demonstration
Food Systems – Food Safety Answers
Food Systems – Local Food Program Team Evaluation and Impact Measurement
Food Systems – Virtual Field Trips to Local Food Projects for Online Learners
Food Systems – Brunswick Local Food Project
Food Systems – Refuges of Non-Plant Produced Insecticidal Corn
Food Systems – Sustainable Crop Production
Food Systems – Sandhills Food Systems
Food Systems – The Sustainable Living Series
Food Systems – Watering A Food Desert: Partnership Improves Water Quality and Establishes Community Learning Garden Downtown
Texas A&M University Food Systems – Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! (LGEG) Extension, Volunteer and Teacher Online Training Course
Food Systems – Urban IPM
Climate – Climate Literacy for Youth
University of Arkansas Food Systems – Food Systems Development Certification Team
University of Florida Climate – Borrow, Adapt, Adopt; Local Government Policies for Climate Resiliency
Climate – Community Rating System Workshop
Climate – Reducing Climate Risk in Agriculture: the Power of Phenology
Food Systems – Develop 4R Farm, a greenhouse at Ocoee High School
Food Systems – Environmental Influences on Food Choices
Food Systems – Hydroponics and Edible Landscaping in Rural Communities
Food Systems – Garden2Go
Food Systems – Greenhouse Systems Evaluation Strategies
Food Systems – Urban IPM
University of Georgia Climate – Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate
Food Systems – Pollinator Spaces Project
University of Kentucky Food Systems – Kentucky Nutrition Education Program
Food Systems – Russellville Urban Gardening
Food Systems – Seafood Nutrition Partnership
University of Tennessee Climate – Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscaping Tour
Food Systems – Grow Scott
Food Systems – i-Master Food Volunteers
Food Systems РUsing Social Media to tell Agriculture’s Story
Food Systems – Smart Farmers Markets
Virginia Tech
Food Systems – i-Master Food Volunteers