Services for Extension Foundation Members to Help Extension Projects & Programs Incubate, Innovate, and Accelerate Towards Making an Impact

About The Impact Collaborative

The Impact Collaborative is a bundle of services and events that are funded by and for our members only.

It is a place where Extension programs from across the country come to take a deep dive into their project and program planning using our innovation skill-building tools we’ve developed over the past five years. We connect those teams with subject matter experts in a variety of fields to help fill gaps in their project and program planning, and we train people in our innovation skill-building methodology so they can use the methodology and those skills to catalyze innovation with Extension programs locally.

What Makes This Program Unique

While there are many programs available focused on design thinking and lean experimentation, the Impact Collaborative has combined creative entrepreneurial methodology with Cooperative Extension best practices to deliver innovation and leadership services to Extension professionals and their community partners.

Since 2019, Extension teams that have incubated through the Impact Collaborative have received more than $5.7M in grant and partnership funding. 93% of participants identified new skills, tools, and resources to help move their projects and programs to the next level. 


Kentucky State University

University of Delaware

University of Idaho

University of Minnesota & Kansas State University

Clemson University, Southern University, Virginia Tech, Kansas State University, University of New Hampshire

Prairie View A&M University

Florida A&M University

University of North Dakota

Southern University, Virginia Tech, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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