eXtension Geo-Citizens Design Forest Farms

eXtension Geo-Citizens Design Forest Farms

Member Institution:
Virginia Tech

Blacksburg, VA, USA

Key Experts:

John MunsellJohn Munsell

Role: Project Leader

This project accelerates Cooperative Extension’s use of virtual high performance GeoDesign computing to improve the precision of farming systems in a changing climate. The project advances Cooperative Extension citizen science 2.0 by bringing programmers, geospatial experts, land management specialists, and citizen scientists together in a customizable, collaborative, and convivial virtual workspace to create a precision agriculture computer application. The project enhances flipped and interactive Cooperative Extension remote training methods over broad geographical regions through novel synthesis of videography and problem solving scenarios. The project strengthens Cooperative Extension inclusivity with a multi-institution, multi-state physiographic data collection and aggregation partnership. The project also demonstrates lasting NEW eXtension partnerships where computer simulation supports land use precision and citizens support computer simulation.

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