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Extension Collaboration on Immunization Teaching and Engagement (EXCITE) is a nationwide local response by U.S. Cooperative Extension made possible through an interagency agreement between United States Department of Agriculture – National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a cooperative agreement with the Extension Foundation in partnership with the ECOP Health Program Action Team. 96 Projects representing 73 Land-grant Universities across the United States are funded to be part of this national effort.
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On behalf of the Cooperative Extension System, the Extension Foundation serves as Principal Investigator, provides grants administration, fiscal, operational, and technological services, system-wide communication, innovation processes, wrap-around services for projects, data collection and dashboards, and partnership development for the EXCITE Program.
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EXCITE Program News

Interactive Dashboard of EXCITE Programs​

Hear From the Cooperative Extension Faculty & Staff Leading EXCITE Projects Across the Nation

Public Health Partners

North Carolina State and NCDHHS

University of Delaware and DHSS

Vaccine Education Pilot Projects

U Florida and FAMU, January 2023

University of Tennessee, January 2023

Colorado State, January 2023

New Hampshire, January 2023

Penn State, January 2023

Purdue and University of Illinois, October 2022

Vaccinate With Confidence Projects

New Mexico State, 2022

Nebraska Indian Community College 2022

Louisana State October 2022

New Hampshire University, October 2022

Prairie View A&M, October 2022

Oregon State, October 2022

West Virginia State, September 2022

University of Kentucky, September 2022

Mississippi State, September 2022

Cornell University, September 2022

Auburn University, August 2022

University of Missouri (2), August 2022

Rutgers University, August 2022

University of West Virginia, July 2022

University of Nebraska, July 2022

University of California, July 2022

Alabama A&M University, July 2022

North Dakota State, July 2022

University of Arkansas, July 2022

University of Clemson, June 2022

University of Wisconisin, June 2022

University of Tennessee, June 2022

Montana State University, June 2022

Kansas State, June 2022

University of Maryland Eastern Shore, May 2022

University of Illinois, May 2022

University of Delaware, May 2022

University of Purdue, May 2022

University of Maryland, May 2022

University of Arizona, May 2022

University of Idaho, April 2022

Red Lake Nation, April 2022

Florida A&M and University of Florida, April 2022

Colorado State, March 2022

Alcorn State University, March 2022

Ohio State University, March 2022

Iowa State University, January 2022

Michigan State University, Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa Community College, Bay Mills Community College, January 2022

University of Vermont, January 2022

American Samoa Community College, January 2022​

University of Minnesota, January 2022 ​

University of Connecticut, January 2022

University of Rhode Island, January 2022 ​

Tennessee State University, January 2022 ​

College of Menominee Nation, December 2021​

University of Wyoming, November 2021 ​

University of Missouri, September 2021​

University of Wisconsin, August 2021​

University of Georgia, July 2021​

Lincoln University, June 2021​

North Carolina State University, June 2021

Virginia Tech, May 2021

Southern University, May 2021

This work is supported through an Interagency Agreement (IAA) with the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Award NO: 2021-77041-34831