New Publication Available: Siempre Juntos (Forever Juntos)

Siempre Juntos (Forever Juntos) is available on the Extension Foundation bookshelf in a flipping book format. 

The Juntos program focuses on educating high school Latinx students and equipping their families with the knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure high school graduation and increase college access and attendance rates. This publication provides an overview of a sustainability guide that the North Carolina State University Juntos team created, and provides tips for creating Juntos programs that will last. It will be helpful to those working in youth development programs.

The publication’s author is Diana Urieta, MSW, the National Director of Juntos and the program’s co-director. 

The project was supported by a grant from the New Technologies in Agricultural Extension (NTAE) program. The team was supported in their work by the Extension Foundation. 

The Extension Foundation has recently added new titles to its library. Topics include creating digital dashboards and resource hubs, Indigenous food sovereignty, DEI, mass media campaigns, game-based education, innovating curriculum, prescribed fire, emergency preparation and response, understanding food labels, and building resilience of farm and farm families. You can find the entire library of publications here.


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