Two Health Fellowship Positions Now Open, Deadline August 28 2020

Position Funded by Molina Foundation
Position Administered by eXtension
Position Led by Roger Rennenkamp
The total amount of dollars available is $20,000.00, divided into two 10K contracts

Contract conditions and terms:

This will be a fixed term contract (so level of effort needs to be considered).  

20K is about 1 day a week of an Extension professional’s time for a year. 

This is for 2 Extension professionals – 10K each.      

Contract Timeline – 1 year – September 1, 2020-August 31, 2021.

Statement of Work for the Contract Effort

The work of the fellows will focus on building the capacity and expanding the portfolio of the Cooperative Extension System’s work focused on health and well being.  Much of this will be accomplished through a Connect Extension subgroup where fellows will work as a team to foster identification and sharing of programmatic resources, expertise and collaboration around priority themes determined by Roger Rennekamp. 

  • Engage Connect Extension group members weekly in planned activities such as learning circles, webinars, cafes, dialogs, and chat events. 
  • Create content that encourages engagement of members such as blog posts, forum questions and surveys. 
  • Develop a tagging vocabulary in Connect Extension to make resources easy to find. 
  • Design and host at least three national professional development online events to the Cooperative Extension System with eXtension; for example, an action dialog or a webinar.
  • Report monthly on group engagement to Roger Rennenkamp and Aaron Weibe.

Success in the Role

Measures of success include both an increase in membership and an increase in interaction among members of the Connect Extension subgroup.  Additionally, success may also be measured through documented evidence of resource sharing and collaborative efforts across members of the subgroup.  Spin-off groups focused on specific topics related to health and well being are also considered a positive outcome. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Public Health and Evaluation has conducted a baseline assessment of current capacity building and institutional support for work focused health and well being.  Data collected from a follow-up evaluation will compared to the baseline data to determine change on key variables.

Interested  Extension Professionals should send a letter of interest to Brenna  by August 28.  Your letter of interest should describe why you are interested to help in this important work as well as your experience or academic background in health or the health education arena.  Letters of interest will be reviewed August 29, with selections made by August 30.