Impact Collaborative Hosts Online Learning Circles for September 2019

eXtension’s Impact Collaborative is hosting three Learning Circles for eXtension members in September, 2019. For a full list of eXtension members, click here.

These Learning Circles are brought to our members through Engage & Empower Online. Generated by the eXtension Foundation, Engage & Empower Online is an online co-learning community connecting local and regional Impact Collaborative projects across the U.S. for collective impact.  Through public and private cross-sector partnerships with the Cooperative Extension System’s (CES) eXtension Foundation, Engage & Empower Online is a new resource designed to collectively drive innovation and action forward toward real and meaningful impacts.

What Do You Need To Attend?

Some of these Learning Circles will be facilitated through Zoom conference. You will be able to access the Zoom room through your computer, through the Zoom mobile app, or by phone.

When you register for a Learning Circle, you will also be registered for eXtension’s Engage & Empower Online platform. The link to any Zoom conference room or Learning Circle materials are available in Engage & Empower Online, and all participants will have access to a group within the platform specifically for this Learning Circle for discussions and collaboration. After registering for the Learning Circle, you will receive instructions for accessing Engage & Empower Online within 24-48 hours.

If you already have access to Engage and Empower Online, simply login and navigate to Events & Learning Circles. Please register for the Learning Circle to ensure you are assigned to a group corresponding to the Learning Circle. 

Learning Circles Available

Diversity & Inclusion in Youth STEAM Education

Starts: September 3rd, 2 PM EDT (Initial Zoom Meeting)
Duration: Three Weeks
Registration: Click here.
Registration Deadline: August 30th, 2019
Description: This is a 3 week, asynchronous learning group centered around youth STEAM education, diversity and inclusion issues. The group will start with a Zoom video conference meeting*, followed by weekly emails with links to relevant videos, articles and other resources. Participants are encouraged to reply and share what they learn with others in the group either by responding to the group emails or using eXtension’s Engage & Empower Online platform.

*NOTE: A part of the initial Zoom video conference meeting will not be recorded and available live only in order to encourage people to talk freely and candidly without worrying that their comments and discussion will be recorded. The facilitator will indicate when the video is being recorded and when it is stopped. Because of this, we highly recommend participants to join the live launch video conference to make sure they do not miss some of the important conversations.

Led by Victor Villegas, Oregon State University

Victor Villegas is the Technology & Media Support Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension Service. He is an avowed technology geek who loves teaching people how to use technology to better their work and improve their lives. He also does STEM/STEAM outreach and engagement with 4-H youth, K-12 students and educators and is known as an innovative educator who uses drones, music, humor and puppetry to reach under represented kids. Victor is fully bilingual and bicultural, with a passion for serving minority communities. As one of OSU Extension’s Diversity Champions, he works to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and helps to ensure Extension is providing accessible, culturally sensitive and audience appropriate communications and learning opportunities for all.

Teaching Adult Learners, Facilitating Effective Professional Learning Experiences

Starts: September 4th, 2 PM EDT (Initial Zoom Meeting)
Duration: Three Weeks
Registration: Click here
Registration Deadline: August 30th, 2019
Description: Explore a variety of ways that adult learning principles can inform and enhance professional learning experiences. Create a vision of adult learners today and develop ideas on how to engage adults in the learning process. Learn ways to enhance your skills as you teach adult learners through the use of different types of engagement strategies (e.g., brain breaks, grouping techniques, share and learn).

This Learning Circle will be asynchronous over the course of three weeks. An initial zoom meeting on September 4th will begin this Learning Circle. Following the meeting, participants will use the Engage & Empower Online platform and post discussions and comments in the assigned group.

Led by Teresa Byington, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Teresa Byington is a full professor/specialist in Early Childhood Education with the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. She is actively involved in training, coaching and facilitating Communities of Practices for leaders, trainers, coaches and teachers. She enjoys presenting at local, state and national conferences. She is the author of the book, “Lose the Lecture: Engaging Approaches to Early Childhood Professional Learning.”

EthicalOS Toolkit Learning Circle

Date: September 12th, 1:30 PM – 3PM EDT
Registration: Click here
Registration Deadline: September 10th, 2019
Description: The eXtension Foundation has membership with the Institute for the Future: Future 50. Through Engage & Empower Online, we are able to provide exclusive access to publications and presentations from the Institute for the Future: Future 50 to eXtension members. This Learning Circle will be an opportunity to connect and discuss the Ethical OS ToolKit publication from the Institute for the Future.

As technologists, it’s only natural that we spend most of our time focusing on how our tech will change the world for the better. Which is great. Everyone loves a sunny disposition. But perhaps it’s more useful, in some ways, to consider the glass half empty. What if, in addition to fantasizing about how our tech will save the world, we spent some time dreading all the ways it might, possibly, perhaps, just maybe, screw everything up? No one can predict exactly what tomorrow will bring (though somewhere in the tech world, someone is no doubt working on it). So until we get that crystal ball app, the best we can hope to do is anticipate the long-term social impact and unexpected uses of the tech we create today.

The last thing you want is to get blindsided by a future YOU helped create. The Ethical OS is here to help you see more clearly. If the technology you’re building right now will some day be used in unexpected ways, how can you hope to be prepared? What new categories of risk should you pay special attention to now? And which design, team or business model choices can actively safeguard users, communities, society, and your company from future risk?

Led by Danielle Hautaniemi, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Ms. Hautaniemi holds an appointment as a field operations & governance specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, working with 14 county associations in upstate NY. She has worked in extension for over 18 years as an educator, team coordinator, county-level executive director and several times as an interim executive director. Her background is in land use planning, community economic vitality and community development, primarily in upstate NY although initially in Chicago. She holds a BA from Smith College in Architecture & Italian Language & Literature, a Masters in Regional Planning from Cornell University, and is a member in good standing of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Ms. Hautaniemi lives near Ithaca, NY with two mostly-lovely teenage children, three mostly-good dogs, a surly cat and a tag-along lizard.