Join Us at the October 2019 Impact Collaborative Summit

Registration for the October 2019 Impact Collaborative Summit is now open. 

When? October 15th-17th, 2019
Where? Atlanta, GA
Deadline to Register? DEADLINE EXTENDED TO SEPTEMBER 26th, 2019

The Impact Collaborative Summit brings unique opportunities to create impactful results at the local level by increasing Cooperative Extension’s organizational readiness and capacity for innovation and change, by connecting them with skills, tools, resources and partners that can expand and deepen their impact.

We invite members to take advantage of their membership benefit by sending project and program teams to the Impact Collaborative Summit. Each member will receive 5 free registrations for a team to attend. Additional teams and team members are welcome to join. Community partners are welcome to participate on teams. We highly recommend sending teams that include 3-5 individuals focused on a project or program aligned with state/institutional strategic priorities.

Learn More About the Impact Collaborative Summit

The Impact Collaborative Summit Helps Participants: 

  • Grow competencies, insights, inspirations, and capacities to engage in collective impact and innovation to address complex issues
  • Increase understanding and demonstrate diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices in team membership and ownership, projects, and implementation plans respective of community culture and norms
  • Increase knowledge of co-creation community success stories and promising models that leverage diverse assets and community partners
  • Identify as members of the Impact Collaborative and are invested in making meaningful local impact, with plans to engage with the connections and resources available through the Impact Collaborative

Teams Participating in the Impact Collaborative Summit Can Expect To:

  • Strengthen community engagement for each project or program
  • Collectively engage partnerships for new capacity for each program
  • Strengthen project or program plans
  • Increase project or program innovation
  • Develop strategies to effectively engage new audiences
  • Strengthen organizational context and readiness to support change needed by their projects and programs

Helping Teams Get Results 

Since 2017, the Impact Collaborative has trained 107 Innovation Facilitators, led 7 national events, 22 local events, and worked with more than 120 project and program teams across Extension. Learn more about some of the teams that joined us at the previous Impact Collaborative Summit. 

Registration Process for Teams:

  1. Identify a team leader

  2. Each team member needs to visit to register. Participants will be coming to the Summit in teams. In order for us to coordinate your Summit experience, please discuss and determine a TEAM NAME for all of your team members to use.

  3. Choose Team Member Registration

  4. Enter the promo code provided by your Extension Director or Administrator if you are receiving one of the five free registrations. 

Hotel Booking

Please visit this link to book a hotel room after completing the registration above.


Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing your project and program teams for our third national Impact Collaborative Summit!